Audio & Video Editing 

Audio Engineering/ Recording

  As I did one recording session after another in my early career I became fascinated by the skills of the recording engineers.  I got my chance to delve into audio editing many years ago when Kristin Andreassen, who was working as a dancer with Footworks at the time, procured Digital Performer through a grant she wrote.  I developed some good basic skills which led me to record Kristin’s first solo project, Kiss Me Hello, and I mixed the soundtracks for several Footworks videos.

Video Editing

  My interest in video editing was awakened when I became involved with the production of a PR piece for Footworks Percussive Dance Ensemble in 1994. Since that time I have produced several multi-camera shoots of full shows for the group, and have edited a variety of PR pieces for them. I have also created several PR pieces for The Claire Lynch Band, with whom I toured from 2008 to 2016.

  I am available to create PR pieces or pull clips from video footage to post on youtube.

 Mix Samples

 The Canary's Song

The Canary's Song - The Claire Lynch Band
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Cluck Old Hen

Cluck Old Hen - Footworks Percussive Dance Ensemble
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Big Mon

Big Mon - Footworks Percussive Dance Ensemble
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Two Steps Forward

Two Steps Forward - Footworks Percussive Dance Ensemble
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  I have collected a good stable of mics including 2 Neumann KM-84’s, a KM-86, and a U-87, and I have a nice True Systems pre-amp. With this equipment I can do small recording sessions, but more importantly, I can record bass or banjo tracks on other folks’ projects, which is something I really enjoy doing.  You can just send me a mix, I record the track in my studio, and send you back a wav file which you can then drop into your project.

  Another service that I can offer is editing audio tracks to shorten or lengthen them for use in a jingle, in a sound track, or for a dance company performance.

 Overdub Samples

You Reap What You Sow

You Reap What You Sow - Mark Shatz
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Timber Trail

Timber Trail - Mark Shatz
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Walking Boss

Walking Boss - Mark Shatz
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