From Mark Schatz:

This DVD includes very clear, hands-on instruction on how to create bass lines in traditional music setting including blugrass, folk, and country.  I am accompanied by David Grier on guitar and Richard Bailey on banjo so the lines can be heard in context.

Beginning Bass Instructional DVD

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  • Beginning:

    Technique: left hand technique, basic scales/ basic theory: scales (maj & minor), intervals, chords, use of numbers in scale and in a chord/ Theory applied to hand placement and interval relationship between strings/ Right hand; where to hit string, angle of finger when striking string/ Independence of 1st & 2nd finger of R hand; exercises/ How to practice with metronome/ Practice scales, intervals, arpeggios to help play in tune; playing with bow helps with intonation and L hand fluidity/ Tuning the bass, use of harmonics   

    Lines: 1-5/ repeat root before chord change/ Passing notes: 3rd, 6th/ Scalar approach/ Arpeggiated approach/ Arpeggio with added 6th/ Chromatic