From Mark Schatz:

This DVD includes very clear, hands-on instruction on how to create bass lines in traditional music settings including bluegrass, folk, and country.  I am accompanied by David Grier on guitar and Richard Bailey on banjo so the lines can be heard in context.

Intermediate Bass Instructional DVD

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  • Intermediate:

    ¼ note walks; Blue Ridge Cabin Home/ Ginseng Sullivan to show various transitions, approaches/ Ghost/percussive note; Blue RR Train/ ¾ time: different ways to play: Darlin’ Cory is Gone, Cry Cry Darlin’/ Use of inverted 1-5 on 5-chord/ 4/4 walking lines: arpeggiated, scaler, chromatic/ Slap bass: single slap, double slap, straight 8th, swing 8ths, bossa nova, rockabilly/ Sustain of note; damping strings/ Dynamics / Miking bass: mic in foam under tailpiece, lavalier in foam in f-hole mixed with PU, blender, monitor placement/ Strings/ Tone, Taste, Timing!