Footworks at The Dance Place, Washington, DC

I had a wonderful time performing with the spectacular dancers and musicians of Footworks on February 18 and 19 at the Dance Place in Washington, DC. This is a 38-year old dance studio in Northeast Washington that has a lovely black box theatre with a recently renovated backstage. They’ve got a diligent and friendly tech crew and we had our own tech director, Stefan Johnson, as well who worked for may years at this venue so the tech-in was a breeze and lights and sound were superlative.

The band was Footworks regulars Jon Glik (or Baltimore Johnny as Ronnie McCoury calls him) on fiddle and multi-instrumentalist Danny Knicely on guitar, fiddle, and tenor banjo, and yours truly on bass and banjo, and I made my debut on percussion. For any of you that know me, you know I like banging on things, and I’ve often played the djembe for Arts in Education residencies with Footworks Director, Eileen Carson. But this is the first time I’ve filled that role in a major show playing djembe on a new number called Crossroads, and adding snare drum on The Funk Piece which is older choreography that was recently revived by the current dancers. I had a blast!

These shows keep me busy – I’m in six dance numbers so I’m bouncing between the dance floor and bandstand, doing costume changes, and picking up different instruments. I feel like a human ping pong ball sometimes but I love it, especially in a show that is so colorful and high energy.

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